Wednesday, February 3, 2010

T and A in Las Vegas?? Or Should I say "B and B"...

Picture it...the drive out to Vegas...Vegas Baby!! As you pass all the rest stops, and Zzyzx Road, the distance between you and your "real life" expands...and off on the horizon you see it....The Strip. (The clouds separate, the stream of hot sun light emerges, and the angels sing). On that 15 Freeway you pass billboard after billboard promising you the time of your life....along with $0.99 shrimp cocktails...

That was me and my behind...ready for a weekend that would "stay in Vegas"...and then one particular billboard caught my attention..."Bare"...the semi-nude pool area at The Mirage where we were I commented on the logo...well, I that's a logo! Not too obvious...on the classy side for Vegas...
Do you think the "B" in "Bare" is supposed to be a set of ta-tas or booty??
"Neither" said one of the guys in the car...its just a decorative "B".
Are you kidding me??

I thought you guys were supposed to have one of those thoughts like every 1.8 seconds....aren't you?

Is it the logo designer in me, or my dirty mind (yes, I have been known to have a slightly compromising thought once in a blue moon...pun intended). FOR SURE...that curvature is supposed to be one of two bodacious body parts, both of which start with the letter "B"...the argument ensued...however I know I was right....

Maybe in the unique environment of Sin City, a subtle "B" is lost on the masses....especially when inundated with outrageously huge and exposed goodies...but I love a creative "B".

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  1. Totally see the booty/booby B. Men are daft sometimes. LOL.