Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Jack off?

Its been some time since I entertained you with my witty commentary on Graphic Design...but I was recently inspired again on a seemingly innocent trip to Jack-In-The Box, where I was shocked by the new logo...yes "new" logo which has apparently been in existence since last year...where have I been???? Apparently not at this fast food locale...because the new logo is...well...worthy of questioning.

I grew up in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit where I remember one location of Jack-In-The-Box. They had a huge version of a jack-in-the box toy out front which I loved as we drove by (we rarely got to eat there) ....I loved that Jack-In-The Box. However in the late 70's the owners of the company decided to focus their efforts on expanding the Southwest US locations, and any trace of a Jack-In-The-Box was gone...until I moved out to California in 1988 and was re-introduced to it...EVERYWHERE.

Even if you don't love the food at Jack-In-The-Box, you HAVE to love JACK. How can you not? The commercials are hilarious...I loved when they were promoting the food bowls and all the employees got bowl haircuts... and the antenna balls have become an at its best.

But back to this logo design...It wasn't why'd they try and fix it? The 2008 logo was everywhere...with excellent brand recognition...simple...and was reminiscent of a classic American hamburger joint. The new logo is a 3-d box with a cursive style "Jack" and that seems a bit too contemporary...trying hard to modernize itself...with "Jack" literally in the box, and "in the box" dangling somewhere in outer space. Don't forget the name IS "Jack-In-The Box" not "Just Jack" (envision jazz hands here) oh..yeah..."in the box" afterthought.

Bottom line...I love Jack...but hate this new logo.