Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Queen-Bee Report on Design Wishes You a Happy Plaid Year!

Whether or not you like the commercial aspect of the holidays, most of the time you have no choice but to see it and hear it. Why? Because its everywhere.

If you watched TV at all this season you saw The Gap Holiday commercials...over and over and over again. Eventhough the one with the adults was pretty annoying...I really liked the kids one which had me reciting "How Cute Are These Boots??" all holiday.

However if you don't get Vogue magazine, or go into the mall and actually look at the displays in The Gap, you would have missed what I think is a great print words necessary...just snowflakes made up of people wearing clothing from The Gap.

These were truly great works of photography, which I'm sure took intense hours of preparation and orchestration....but they were fantastic mood setters which made me want to BUY PLAID!!!.. And plaid I bought....lots of plaid....(not all at The Gap, but still..they did their job)

Graphic Design doesn't have to be about can be imagery which does the job just as well...and gets you to feel "Wow that plaid looks cozy."

I hope your Holiday was happy...cozy...and I wish you a Happy New Year filled with success and peace (even if you don't wear plaid!).

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Inaugural Blog

This is the inaugural post of the Queen Bee Design Report on Bee-ing Creative....

Before I became a Graphic Designer I didn't even know what one was...or that they existed. But I knew one thing...beautiful art and design inspired me...and I connected with it. If you don't think you respond to design, do! And really, its all about getting people to respond the way you want them to.

Even if you'd prefer to frequent one of our wonderful local coffee shops...and Starbucks coffee is not your beverage of thing is certain (in my never to be humble opinion), they hit the nail on the head with their holiday campaign. Their artwork, fonts, and messages are all beautiful and well-done. When you go into a Starbucks this makes you want to celebrate the upcoming holidays inside a Starbucks with a warm cup of joe...

They play hip and beautiful holiday music and have snow covered branches...then they have red birds, stockings and mittens with messages of peace, hope & love....

Their coffee cup says:
"We invite YOU to LISTEN to your DESIRES and to RENEW your HOPE. To SEE the world NOT AS IT IS, but as it COULD BE. GO AHEAD. WISH. Its what makes the holidays the holidays."

Wow...what a message!..who doesn't want to listen to their desires...make a wish, and at the same time make the world a better place??

Maybe its cheesy...but I think we want cheesy at the holidays. At least I do. The rest of the year is too darn serious. I think we all want to take a break from "the daily grind"...and allow ourselves hope for better things to come.

So cheers for Starbucks! They get you to associate that pumpkin spice latte with a sense of holiday cheer and new hope. Brilliant.